What Makes You Unique – The Kidney Channel


When we talk about the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine, we talk about the energy that is the basis of everything – they hold your calling, your reason for being in this lifetime, on this planet, in this incarnation, what makes you unique.

The Bladder and Small Intestine channels inform the Heart, the Emperor, about what is good and what is bad, what is needed and not needed, and what is allowed or not allowed in the body – our empire. 

If you’re wondering:

“Well, where do they get that information from? How do the Small Intestine and Bladder know what is good for me and bad for me? Where is that information stored?” 

That answer lies in the Kidneys. 

The Kidneys represent the energy of fertility. It’s the information that you get from your DNA, the DNA of your parents, your grandparents, from the lineage that came before you if it’s in this lifetime or other lifetimes. The Kidney energetics holds all that information. 

Energetically, there’s a lot of exchange, because the Kidneys provide the information for your immune system to allow or not allow experiences, viruses, conditions from the outside to come in or not. In your lifetime, you’re not going to experience all the problems, issues, diseases that there are in the world to experience. You’re only going to experience those issues that are unique and relevant to your growth and curriculum in this lifetime. 

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Destiny and Evolution

Chinese Medicine is deeply rooted in Taoist philosophy which believes that we came here for a reason. We came to fulfill a destiny and in order for us to fulfill that destiny, some interactions, challenges, and markers along the pathway are unveiling as we live, all of which have been set long before we got here. They were established when we took on the choice to become us in this lifetime. According to that philosophy, any challenge that comes into your life – call it a virus, a disease, an encounter, a relationship – anything that presents a challenge for you in this lifetime, all those things have been predetermined for you to experience and the reason you need to experience them is for your unique evolution. 

The Kidneys are about evolution. Evolution is the next generation. It’s the next iteration of you. Yes, it can be your kids in the next generation, but it’s also your next incarnation. Your next step up. The information kept in the Kidneys are quite unique. You are unique. You’re the only one that had your parents, your date of birth, your circumstances, your challenges, your encounters, your relationships – all those things are very unique to you and they made you, you. All these experiences led to you becoming you, and that becoming is the evolution.

A very important dynamic that exists in the body is that the Kidneys must communicate with the Heart. The Heart is about reaching out to society, opening up and making connections. 

The Kidneys communicate with the Heart so that the Heart can express your uniqueness, your specific recipe that made you who you are in this lifetime. You are the only one that has that voice. 

Fire and Water

The interesting thing about the Heart and the Kidneys are that as far as elements, the Heart represents the Fire element while Kidneys represent Water. Now, fire and water don’t mix, they usually fight. Philosophically, what that means is that our individuality will always have some aspect of conflict with the world and the conflict will happen because of our unique background and upbringing.

When we grow up and we’re still in the family unit, our parents teach us how to be, how to act, how to talk, what to like, and what not to like. Then we leave home and meet other people with other ways of life. When we encounter other ways of life, conflict happens within us. On the one hand, we are familiar with what we learned from home. On the other hand, we see other walks of life. If we are somehow able to reconcile and perhaps take new ideas from the environment, to integrate and evolve,  that means that our Heart was able to communicate back to the Kidneys. It means that in this unique lifetime because of the new friends that you made, that maybe your parents did not, you are able to grow beyond what your parents taught you and your own lineage. You upgraded in a way that is evolutionary. 

Evolution depends on society and the self to have a conflict because it is through conflict that we develop. Each person has to have their Kidneys communicating with their Heart. This means they are full of self expression and they know their uniqueness and are not shy about it. They are bringing it out to the world. When their Heart is open to new experiences and brings those into the level of the Kidneys, even though it conflicts with what they thought before, embracing this allows them to evolve and grow.

Conflict in the Immune System Is Evolution

The Kidneys also inform the immune system. Even though we’re really afraid of viruses coming in that are always mutating, we never stop to think that we evolve as well when we interact with them in a way that is evolutionary. So avoiding that conflict with a virus or a disease actually prevents our evolution. Those interactions, just like interacting with other people, evolves us.

To sum it up, the Kidneys’ energetics are about your uniqueness and your ability to bring it to fruition, give birth to it and express it to the world. That’s why the Kidneys are closely associated with fertility. 

So today celebrate your uniqueness, exactly what made you, you – your heritage, and your experiences, the bad ones and the good ones. Celebrate them because they make you unique. This is the only version of you that is exactly like this.


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