To Guard the Borders – The Bladder Channel


In order to keep an Empire, our Body, safe and secure there’s a need to uphold and guard the borders. Every land, every empire has its borders, and these borders have to be kept and maintained. Part of knowing what is good and what is bad for the empire is also having the ability to uphold its borders – keep the borders safe, guard them from invasions. This role in the body is under the control of the Bladder channel. 

Part of keeping an empire functioning is allowing some things to enter such as food or goods while not allowing dangerous and damaging things to enter – that is our immune system. The Bladder channel, which plays a part in our immune system holds the information that intuitively knows what particles in the air to let in and what parts need to be expelled and rejected. That’s one aspect of how to guard the borders – knowing where the boundaries lie.

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Another aspect of boundaries in our daily lives is the ability to maintain our personal space. We feel when someone gets too close for comfort. At the same time, we let people we trust get closer to us. If you notice, different countries and different cultures have different ideas of personal space and boundaries. And it’s not only cultural, those invisible borders around us – the personal space, we also learned them from our family. You may have been raised in a family that didn’t respect personal space where you didn’t learn how to establish your personal space and now you find yourself allowing people to step all over you. You didn’t even learn how to say “Hey, this is my space. Please don’t come in here.” 

That is asserting your boundaries. That is upholding your empire’s borders.

A Sense of Security

Another idea that we get from our families is a sense of security and safety of the areas outside our empire. If you grew up with this idea from your parents that the world out there is dangerous, everyone is out to get you. Inside is safe. You can trust your people around you, you can trust the family unit. But once you go out there, things get dangerous. The world is dangerous. If you grew up with that message throughout your childhood. You might be very, very reactive to the outside world.

To start with, you probably will not be trusting toward people you don’t know. Therefore you’re going to limit those boundaries and might have a broader personal space than most people. You may walk around the world with an immune system that is very hyper-reactive being on alert because you’re already expecting everything to be a threat. Everything you come in contact with you are reacting to, and you can barely leave your home. You just do not trust anywhere, anyone or anything outside your own boundaries. 

Between the energy of the Small Intestine and the energy of the Bladder, we conduct our lives choosing what we allow in and reject what does not serve us. It’s very important to not have those boundaries so rigid that you cannot interact with the world at all. If you have an empire with a wall around it and close the gates, of course, nobody can come in, but you can’t get out either. It’s a two way street. You can’t just close and guard the borders one way. You’re not interacting, and they’re not coming in. A smart Emperor knows that you have to allow for trade. You have to allow for ideas from the outside to come into your empire because that’s the only way to grow. If you close any idea from the outside, and you close all those dangerous things that are in the air, you won’t grow.

Developing Immunity

Part of our immune system learns from viruses. We know that if we inhale a virus or take in a pathogen that is threatening to our body, that is exactly the way we are developing immunity. The only way to develop antibodies is to take in what can create them. You can’t develop antibodies from not taking it in. You can’t live in a bubble because in a bubble, you wouldn’t have any interaction with anyone else outside your bubble – that is not growth. That is again, stagnation and decline.

So we welcome interaction. We welcome borders – but borders should be open. That’s why we have advisors that tell the emperor “Even though this thing came in, we daftar slot777 don’t need it. Let’s reject it.” But at least you know it’s there. Because the only way to build up your immune system is to meet and interact with the virus.

So today, check your personal space. See how comfortable you are with people you don’t know coming closer and closer into your space. Maybe slot bonus 100 we can work on inviting people in, letting people get closer to us. What’s the worst that can happen? If you trust your body? Nothing can go wrong. Because if it will come in and you don’t want it. You’ll just let it go. But you will definitely learn from it and remember, it’s not only people, it’s everything.


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