What Makes You Unique – The Kidney Channel

what makes you unique

When we talk about the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine, we talk about the energy that is the basis of everything – they hold your calling, your reason for being in this lifetime, on this planet, in this incarnation, what makes you unique. The Bladder and Small Intestine channels inform the Heart, the Emperor, about what […]

To Guard the Borders – The Bladder Channel

guard the borders

In order to keep an Empire, our Body, safe and secure there’s a need to uphold and guard the borders. Every land, every empire has its borders, and these borders have to be kept and maintained. Part of knowing what is good and what is bad for the empire is also having the ability to […]

Everyone Needs a Good Advisor – The Small Intestine

advisor small intestine

Every Emperor needs a good advisor. Our Heart, the Emperor of the body, can sometimes pursue passions at the expense of the benefit of the body. Because of that, every emperor really needs a good advisor that can keep the benefit of the body in mind. In the last post about the Heart, I talked […]

From the Heart 

from the heart

We have a lot of sayings about the heart. We say that a person can have a big heart, or to “speak from the heart.” Expressions like “light hearted” or “heavy hearted” and even things like “you broke my heart.” All of those things, even though we think they’re a figure of speech, in Chinese […]

To Give Meaning – The Spleen Channel

give meaning

The Spleen is the Yin duo to the Stomach channel whose role is to give meaning to the feeling that we received from the Stomach. Let’s say something happened and you get a gut feeling, you can’t just be with that feeling and say “Okay, well, I have this bad feeling. I’m gonna just listen […]

Food for Thought: The Stomach Channel

stomach channel

Let’s explore the Stomach channel as one of the Primary channels in Chinese medicine.  When we talk about the stomach we, naturally, need to talk about food. The Stomach channel, as well as the process of digestion begins at and with the eyes. When we look at food, when we see food, we start salivating […]

Letting Go – The Metal Duo 

letting go

The Large Intestine channel is all about letting go. This is a partner of the Lung channel which I wrote about in the last post. A central theme in Chinese medicine is balance and relationships. This is demonstrated with the iconic image of Yin and Yang. These two opposites have to co-exist in order for […]

Take A Deep Breath And Let It All Go

deep breath

Pause now, for a moment, and take a deep, deep breath. Feel it.  Breath is essential. And while we breathe all day and night all the time, we often miss how essential it is.  Without our ability to breathe we would cease to exist. So it makes sense that the lungs are the first channel […]

Connect the Dots

connect the dots

Before we launch a whole podcast, it is important to talk about why this podcast, Connect the Dot needs to be…

The Philosophy of a Balanced Life

balanced life

Chinese medicine, at its heart, is rooted in philosophy—the philosophy of a balanced life. So this approach to healing is about how to live life; completely balanced, in peace and in true harmony with everything around us.  One of the foundations of Chinese medicine is called channels. Channels are where blood and Qi (life force) […]