Connect the Dots


Before we launch a whole podcast, it is important to talk about why this podcast, Connect the Dots, needs to be…

I practice Chinese medicine.  Most people think it is only acupuncture, which is the modality I indeed practice. But the medicine can be practice by anyone that understands the philosophy of the medicine. 

You can practice this medicine by taking herbs, you can apply essential oil to acupuncture points on your on body, you can place stones and crystals on different areas, and you can even practice this medicine daily by designing your meals to address specific issues you may have. 

The reason you can do any of those and affect your health is simple. 

Essential oils, crystals, herbs and the food you eat every day has a vibrational quality – it has a frequency. And you as well have a frequency and a specific vibration. 

You might think – well, if you, Cody, teach me how to treat and heal myself – how would acupuncturists make money?   

Well, I believe that the role of a healer – acupuncturist, herbalist, doctors and all people in service of others, is to guide and teach rather than “cure” or Fix.  

I’m not here to fix you. I’m here to empower you. 

Empowerment through Connect the Dots

I’m here to empower you by helping you to understand your own body. The more you know – the more you can heal yourself. 

Historically, Medicine, Eastern or Western, evolved from ordinary people in villages. There was always an elder that knew what to do when people got sick. We know, even today that each grandma has a remedy for almost anything… 

Not to take away from the role of Western Medicine, and hospitals, but these are only a product of the last 300-200 years. 

The body is a sophisticated instrument. It has a hidden intelligence. It produces cells, breaks down food and grows! It does all that without our commands. We don’t have to grow our hair – it just grows… how does it do that?  And why makes it stop doing that?? 

In Chinese medicine what causes all that to happen is a complex system of energetic pathways. Most practitioners today work with 12 main pathways. But the body has close to 70 of them! And they are connected… flowing… beautiful when it all works right.

Imagine a map of the body with all these roads! When we connect the dots, we make this map work as it was intended.

These roads have frequencies, they are pathways of energy. Imagine a guitar – each string is tuned to a specific scale and note. But when used – each strings gets a bit lose, and eventually will need tunning. That is your body. Your energetic pathways – the channels or Meridians – are used every day. And eventually – will need some tunning.  

If you tune your meridians regularly the energetic imbalance would never become a serious – physical issue. 

Let’s use the analogy of the guitar. If you played every day – you probably would teach yourself how to tune it. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to a “guitar doctor” to tune it every time it needed adjustment. 

Your energetic body works all day 24/7 365!. Breathing, observing, talking, eating, digesting, running – basically doing everything!  When you run out of energy to do all this you rest (hopefully…) you restore, and your body can do it all over again. 

Energy is a very subtle force in the body – most time we don’t even think about digesting. But sometimes you can feel too tired to eat. You can feel that thinking is hard and maybe have “brain fog” these are signs that show you the energies are off. 

Most people don’t go to the doctor when they feel run down. But if they don’t rest, and just keep going eventually they will have what western medicine diagnoses as “chronic fatigue syndrome” – 

Here’s the deal – when western medicine can Diagnose something – actually give something a name – it means that the energy was off for sooo long it became physical. It is much harder to recover from this point – not impossible!!  But would take longer.  

What I want to teach you – is how to detect that sublet changes. Literally “introduce” you to your body! 


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