Open Your Healing to
An Ancient Way

Classical Acupuncture looks at the human body as a whole. The mind, the emotions and the physical body are intricately connected.
At Internal Alchemy, Cody talks to you about everything you have going on, physically and otherwise, and is highly skilled in identifying what part of your body system has stopped working, or is working insufficiently.

Classical Acupuncture does not 
name disease, as it does not treat disease. It treats you – the individual. And no two cases are alike.

Private Sessions

During the intake portion of a Classical Acupuncture session, the pulse is taken to assess which channel or organs are not functioning well.

We discuss the main complaint and how it relates to the finding of the pulse. 

As a patient, you are an integral part of your healing process.

By understanding the treatment, your involvement in your own process increases, and its effect multiplies.



By Appointment only:
1133 Broadway, New York, NY

Teaching and Lectures

Cody lectures about Classical Acupuncture to professional acupuncturists and lay people around the world. Classical Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine philosophy can be applied to other areas of life from nutrition to spirituality. Cody also applies the principals of Classical Chinese philosophy to gender. Click the I-Ching button for more info

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