Cody Dodo

Learn to open your life
to what’s always been

In a world where so much is the same, my purpose is to offer a different path. You’ve arrived on this ancient path of exploration, of opening your mind to old wisdom anew, and of welcoming life’s mysteries as life itself.

Release yourself,
the real you, into life

Change is part of life.

 Look around you.

Seasons change, times change, norms change.

Nothing stays the same.

Do you change?

How often do you change your mind?

How often do you change your habits?

If you have an emotional pattern, can you shift your life to help it change

If you have a physical pain, do you look to see what you can change to resolve it?

Can you see where not changing is making you stuck?

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

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Connect the dots, with cody dodo

A learning experience with Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Instructor Cody Dodo. Each episode offers an insightful, new, welcoming way to view yourself, your body and the world you live in.

Internal Alchemy

The practice of acupuncture is simply, at its root, medicine.

Accepted for thousands of years for its effectiveness, and experienced daily by my patients, Chinese medicine is peaceful way to health and healing.

Like the needles I use as an acupuncturist, we create a tiny point of impact that ripples through you, restoring your flow with health and vitality.

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